Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gluten Free changes everthing!

The summer of 2012 I found out I had Celiac Disease which is the need to avoid gluten in all things. It has been I life changing thing. In the fall of that year we decided to take Bekah off Gluten as well. A year later we are doing so much better. I am thankful for all the research that has made my life so much easier and I am especially grateful for my friend Jill Nystel  and her blog www.onegoodthingbyjillie.com  for helping us go GF and for all of her great recipes! So now that we have some control over this crazy life we lead I will start posting on this blog again! 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Photo Card

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Spring 2011

In March for our Authors Night BRANDON MULL came!
It was our biggest night yet! Weston has quite the stack of books to be signed.
I will always be thankful to Brandon Mull, Fable Haven, and Mrs. Hopkins(3rd grade) for helping foster Weston's love for reading!
Sally and I were almost as excited as the kids!
Brandon Mull was great! The signing line went from the senior citizen gym clear back to the young adult section, and he stayed until everyone got their books signed.

For the 3rd grade Disney Program this year,
Bekah was a Pirate in A Pirate's life for me!

A Marti Gras dancer in "Topsy Turvey"

A Dalmatian puppy in "Cruella DeVil"

And a Hippo in "I just can't wait to be King"
She had fun being part of the program and could be heard practicing the songs all spring.

Gramie's 85th Birthday party!
We went to Klint's play "Guys and Dolls" for her birthday.
Klint played a gambler called Harry the Horse. It was a good musical with a lot fun songs.

Weston's Arrow of Light!
Pining the Webelos badge on his Dad!

Grandma Susy and her Order of the Arrow Tribe helped her with the ceremony.
The young braves had to learn about the 7 qualities needed to be warriors before they could receive their awards.

We drew a arrow on Weston's cheek to remind him to always be straight and true.
Grandma Susy made each of the boys a necklace with special beads to remind them of all they had learned.
Congratulations to
Gunner, Conner, Weston, and Drew
4 Crazy scouts with their Arrows of Light!

Bekah has been taking voice lessons this spring and really likes it.

Trafalga Fun Center
Annelisa on the climbing wall
Brieanna, Mason, and Bekah on the climbing wall.
Climb Bekah! Climb
Weston and Gunner
The go carts were the best thing!

Karate Boys!

Ray started taking Karate lessons in Feb. 2011 by April he was ready to advance to the rank of a Gold belt. Here he is showing off his favorite kick.
Ray is proud of his new belt status
The best part of Karate is taking it with his cousin, Mason!
Congrats Boys, Great Job!
Ray and Sensei Josh!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weston's 11th

Weston wanted to be surprised for his birthday. He had just finished up his hunters safety class and really hoped for a gun. However, he's not quite old enough for his own yet.
So we surprised him with this cool new Chopper Schwinn(bike).
I made him a camo gun cake!
Which he loved!
His best friend Gunner came to his party,
Lyn also got him some camping stuff, because he is an 11 yr. old scout now and can go on overnights.
He also got his own snowshoes and poles for winter hiking with his Dad.
Weston, blowing out 11 candles!
He had a great birthday and loved all his surprises!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jan. Birthdays 2011

Lyn likes to go find the Winter Elk
A herd of 75+ are up behind his parents house.

Lyn's 38th B-Day!
He got new "Toys"
Knee pads
A gift card to Cabella's
Lots of fun stuff
Bekah made this pop-up card for him. Very creative!
He had a great birthday!

Ray's 6th B-day!
Ray had a Ninja go Lego birthday!
Ninjago: Kye cake
Blowing out 6 candles
Favorite present-Ninjago battle arena

We have started taking the just the birthday child out to eat for their birthday, Ray picked the Dragon Star, a local Chinese favorite.
He's getting really good at using chopsticks.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Summer of 2010 and more memories too!

Bekah's 8th Birthday!

Bekah's favorite present was her $20.She had a swim and sand party with a bunch of her friends.
They made take home sand castles.
This is her Sand Castle cake.
Ellie helped me make the chocolate seashells.

Klint, Lyn, Travis, Ray, Bekah, Weston, and Ellie
Bekah's Uncle Travis, was here for her birthday this year.
Which was a special surprise!
The kids like to watch for Hot air balloons.
This one touched down at the school, early one Sat. morning.

Grma Susy Turns 60!

We had a birthday BBQ and swim party for Grandma Susy at Chris & Tiesha's. We ate birthday cobbler, and Miss Bod, Grandma's best friend made a surprise visit.
Mason, Weston, Ellie, Brieanna, Bekah, and Ray
We loved to go swimming at Katrina's pool over in Midway.
We spent a few hot summer days playing over there.
Going to the Hogle Zoo is always a fun summertime outing!Baby Jocelyn is so Adorable!
Manti Mormon Miracle Pageant!

We finally remembered to go to the Manti pageant, this year, we went the last weekend. it was crowded, but we still got good seats, and the kids really enjoyed it.
Some of the actors, and Ellie, Grma Susy, Weston, and Bekah.
We had a fun time together as a family.

Bekah's Baptism- July 3 2010.
Bekah made the big decision to be baptized a member of the LDS faith this year.
We are so proud of her for preparing for this special day.
We had a lot of family and friends in attendance,
and she shared this day with 2 of her best friends too.

We had a fun 24th of July playing at the water slide at Uncle Corey's House.
Corey and MacEven Mom went down the slide!
That night we watched fireworks at Grandma & Grandpa Bergs

Ellie with a sparkler.Brandon & Krystalina

Bekah and Jocelyn at her blessingThe Kids and Jocelyn on her blessing day.
Grma Susy made her beautiful dress!
Demolition Derby in the new Wasatch County Arena this year.
Weston, Brieanna, and Sydney
Grandpa Berg got tickets for the whole family!
Grandpa Blaine's Birthday.
Dog pile on Josh
Fun with the Epperson cousins
(cw from top) Maddison, Ray, Ellie holding Brigder, Andalyn,Maylie,Sydney,Porter,Weston, Avery,Bekah & Brieanna
At the Zoo with the Berg cousins
Brieanna and Ellie
At Liberty Park in SLC.
Bekah loves the water!Bekah, Ellie, Brieanna,& Mac
Finding Granny's shells and candy at the Gappmayer reunion 2010
Sammy, Sydney, Bekah, Annaclaire, Maci, & Sophia
Girl party at Kathryn & Charlotte's
Ray's 1st day of Kindergarten!
Ray & his teacher, Mrs. Stagg!
Weston & Lyn riding the firetruck in the Fair parade,
for the winning Little League baseball team.
Bekah, Weston, & Brieanna
Some of my 4-Hers model their P.J. pants!
Ellie winns big at the fair 4 of her projects go to State!
At the State Fair with Grma Susy
Ray enjoying all you can eat ice cream at the State Fair 2010
One of Ellie's projects at the State Fair 4-H room.

Krystalina & Brandon's Wedding Sept 18th 2010
My sister finally found her one true love, and they got married in Sept. 2010

See how happy my Dad was at the wedding reception!
He's actually Smiling!
Sparklers were a lot more fun than throwing rice!
Congrats to Brandon & Kryssy!
Ellie and(Bekah) her best friends Landrea & Mckenin
Ellie's 13th birthday and her Ranger's Apprentice Cake!
Halloween 2010-I was a PIRATE!
Weston-Army Skeleton, Ray-Skeleton, Ellie- Ranger, Bekah-Vampire

Gramie's 3rd Wedding-Nov 20th 2010
The Family
br-Grpa Blaine, Lyn, Weston, Jocelyn, Tiesha, Chris, Klint
fr-Grma Susy, Gramie, Bekah, Grpa Warren, Uncle Allan.
Ray, and Mom went home sick. Ellie took the picture
Ellie and Grma Susy
Weston & Ray
Gramie and Grpa Warren and the kids.

Gingerbread Houses Dec. 2010
Mom's Santa Train
Ray's Snoopy's Christmas Dog House
Grma Susy's Tipi

Miss Jordan's(Mom's friend) Rapunzel castle.

Mom's 29th Again(40th) Birthday
Mom and Jocelyn(almost 6 m)

Christmas 2010

Epperson Family Nativity
Ellie & Grma Susy-Angels, Bekah-Mary, Ray-Joseph, Klint-Shephard, & Weston-3 Wisemen
Our Family
We had a great Christmas with lots to be Thankful for!
Mom and the kids
at Temple Square
Berg Family Cousins at Temple Square
br-Mason, Porter, Weston & Ray fr- Annelisa holding Lola, Sophia, Ellie, Brieanna, Bekah, & Andalyn
Ellie, Ray, Weston, & Bekah